Thursday, 1 April 2010

Lets start pushing buttons!

Welcome finally, its me, Mr.HallZ!

I have finally purchased a domain and am now online, Yes, Admittedly this is not an amazing developed website like millions of others on the internet. It is only a blog (for now) and plus I am an extremely lazy git who hasn't bothered yet how to make a site with the use of flash or the oldschool html, sorry to disappointed and 'Hi!' to all that are a little open-minded.

For those who dont know me, My name is Mr.HallZ and I am a illustrator who likes to spray on walls and pick up the nearest pen to doodle all over the place, give me a empty warehouse and I act like a 10 year old who just got his first game console at christmas. Here you will be updated in my current work either if it personal or commissioned work.

I am currently working on a few designs for band logos and cd covers, which is coming on quite well. Cant put up the work at the moment as they are not finished, but will be coming up soon!

Here is a little something I did for a friends birthday, was fun!

Emma Linchs 21st Birthday

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  1. sick pictures danny, i can't wait for more followers so we can discuss!haha