Monday, 22 November 2010

Stop and Go!

Its been awhile without internet and the cold days are kicking in!!

Past two months I have moved location from North london to south of the river. Havent had no time to continue my work, neither have I had the time to do anything to be quite frank. I have just been dull and boring attending my Full-time job at the moment and trying to make a bit of dollar to live.

Here is a first glance at the cover of a CD by 'Vardo & The Boss' Which has around 5/6 tracks on and will be coming out in the next few weeks. The designs are going through the finalised stages and alterations are being done through the criticsm given back by the band. The backside of the cover will be online this week too.

I have been hopeless in meeting targets and deadlines this year and need to drastically improve to keep clients interested in my work. I do again apologise to these individuals who may be reading this.

I have set myself some goals and I am intending in re-doing this website as it looks shit.

Will be keeping posted more regulary,


Tuesday, 7 September 2010

JAZZ CAFE FLYER + Vardoo & the Boss cover coming SOON!

Whilst I have been busy with working as an estate agent during the day I haven't been having the same amount of time drawing, spraying and designing. Needless to say, The famous JAZZ CAFE located in Camden (outside Northen Line station)Has a new night called 'THE FRAT HOUSE' and I was asked to come up with the following...
So Londoners keep an eye out for this flyer!! Should be a BIG night!! Which I am very happy to help whilst being involved with my design work.

Also last month I watched Vardoo & the Boss play for the first time, a band based in Essex.I have been working for a bit now on there EP cover and cannot wait to finally finish. Their a very talented combination of musicians, that have a distinctive groove in the songs they have created. And I thoroughly enjoyed seeing them live.
(check out

Hope everyone is doing fucking wicked and yeah, PEACE


Sunday, 8 August 2010

Pop out another one,

Finishing off mini projects before I go to the states.

Its been good past couple of days with freelance work. I am always looking for work. I enjoyed designing the monster cock roach,

This night is happening in 2 weeks time, I think its techno/minimal/dub (maybe)..dunno what those east kids are into these days. But yeah, check it out...if you want.

Hope everyone is having a good summer! Neeeeeeed to go to a festival!!!!

And again, If anyone knows anyone who is looking for an artist/designer/whatever to work permanently for a brand or label. Would be wicked. Cheers =)


Monday, 2 August 2010

Final version,

Coming out soon!!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

First T-shit design!!

This is a T-shirt design that I have done for a group called the 'Wobble Squad UK' they are performing at Outlook festival this summer, usually hitting it up around east ends and making a name for themselves.

'Founders Sai and Jim Raygun have recruited the finest crew of underground beatfreaks and skaters London Town has to offer and they certainly know how to get the booties bouncing on the floor.

The Wobble Squad massive cater for all lovers of bass and are seeking to dominate UK clubland with their unique take on the bass music craze that fuses dubstep, breaks, fidget and skate culture - as long as it's heavy, Wobble Squad will drop it and drop it HARD. And you should get plenty of chances to join the party as the WS posse throw parties pretty much every week, and not just on their home patch in London. Wobble Squad are booked to play all over the UK and also at the forthcoming One Love Festival as well as the filthy fiesta of dubstep that is the Outlook Festival in Croatia this summer.

So make sure you come and see what all the fuss is about and be part of the freshest, bassiest, booty-shaking underground movement in the UK (and soon, the world!)
We smuggle bass to keep u wobble! Runs by underground djs & sk8boarders.We are not just club night,we are not just dubstep, we are not just bunch of kids trying to take over the world, we are not just djs....WE ARE PARTIES!!!


Saturday, 24 July 2010


This is a poster design I have done for a night called 'YARD'

Its a House, Drum and bass, Dub night.

I just got introduced to the guy who runs this night and yeah, not much else to talk about.

A band cd cover will be coming up shortly here among other things!

Thursday, 15 July 2010


Check out what my designs would look like as prints.

....If only someone would pass the word to someone who could help me start up a clothing label.

Would be fucking sick.

Got to keep on dreaming and wake up drawing,

Mr.H x

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

on it,

I like this look for DJ Rubber Glove, pretty chilled,

This month you should be seeing the final designs for the band
'Vardo and the Boss'
and I might be doing some flyer designs for a few nights out in central.
Keep your eyes out for MR.H!

Peace x

Thursday, 8 July 2010

A month out,

Been awhile since I actually put anything up on here. Flat mates scanner broke and then he moved back to Brighton (he really loved that scanner) And now I am homeless as the contract finished. So been a bit hard doing stuff and getting online.

I said previously that I was going to start on a comic strip every week online, which concluded to a complete failure. But I did do some sketches and I now can edit them on my shitty mac thats literually going to fall apart any minute now.

Heres a quick preview of a zombie character that 'DJ Rubber Glove' is fighting against, THE methaDRONE. Before a innocent raver or by-passer raving, through selfish self-conflicted greed in drug consuming, the human becomes a methadrone. Of which DJ RG cannot stand.

Im going through other designs. I want these zombies to look a lot more darker.

There should be regular updates now as I am temporarily living next to a Weatherspoons with free internet. Hope your all doing well and enjoying the sunshine!


Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Working in East London

I have been given the chance to work with Alexander James in east London this month. I will be doing one or two pieces of work, one meter squared for a project with 'Distil Ennui'

Im not going to get into too much detail about the project. So I guess you guys are going to have to wait and see.

Once its done I will put up the location and photos of the work online.

On it!!

Saturday, 1 May 2010

DJ RUBBERGLOVE, the comic strip

Been a little side tracked past couple of weeks. Dr Who and new episodes of south park have been taking over my life.. AMAZING

Ive been rough sketching a DJ character as you can see previously and have come up with an idea of a comic strip, to be put up online, here! It involves a ghost called 'DJ RUBBERGLOVE' who is a dj with sets that are so grimey and dirty, he needs to wear rubber gloves. He only floats about at night and is chilled with humans.. Until he sees humans turn into zombies after intoxicating themselves with methodrome (and other street cool hip drugs the kids are doing these days)
So there are moral lessons supporting DJRG!

I am aiming to have a new comic strip up every week. Throughout the weeks you will see him end up in scenarios that you may relate to in clubs, bars and record shops..


Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Easter weekend.

Easter weekend was pretty cool, Popped down to Brighton to see my boys DJ STICKIE and DJ UNO play at concorde and play on Phonica88 fm, Was a top class night on saturday. I walked around the city with a 'tour guide' (Cheers Deer) and saw some amazing Graff work, So I thought I would do this. The wonderful world of music.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

These are little sketches of various different projects that have been keeping me up.

Lets start pushing buttons!

Welcome finally, its me, Mr.HallZ!

I have finally purchased a domain and am now online, Yes, Admittedly this is not an amazing developed website like millions of others on the internet. It is only a blog (for now) and plus I am an extremely lazy git who hasn't bothered yet how to make a site with the use of flash or the oldschool html, sorry to disappointed and 'Hi!' to all that are a little open-minded.

For those who dont know me, My name is Mr.HallZ and I am a illustrator who likes to spray on walls and pick up the nearest pen to doodle all over the place, give me a empty warehouse and I act like a 10 year old who just got his first game console at christmas. Here you will be updated in my current work either if it personal or commissioned work.

I am currently working on a few designs for band logos and cd covers, which is coming on quite well. Cant put up the work at the moment as they are not finished, but will be coming up soon!

Here is a little something I did for a friends birthday, was fun!

Emma Linchs 21st Birthday