Saturday, 1 May 2010

DJ RUBBERGLOVE, the comic strip

Been a little side tracked past couple of weeks. Dr Who and new episodes of south park have been taking over my life.. AMAZING

Ive been rough sketching a DJ character as you can see previously and have come up with an idea of a comic strip, to be put up online, here! It involves a ghost called 'DJ RUBBERGLOVE' who is a dj with sets that are so grimey and dirty, he needs to wear rubber gloves. He only floats about at night and is chilled with humans.. Until he sees humans turn into zombies after intoxicating themselves with methodrome (and other street cool hip drugs the kids are doing these days)
So there are moral lessons supporting DJRG!

I am aiming to have a new comic strip up every week. Throughout the weeks you will see him end up in scenarios that you may relate to in clubs, bars and record shops..


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