Thursday, 8 July 2010

A month out,

Been awhile since I actually put anything up on here. Flat mates scanner broke and then he moved back to Brighton (he really loved that scanner) And now I am homeless as the contract finished. So been a bit hard doing stuff and getting online.

I said previously that I was going to start on a comic strip every week online, which concluded to a complete failure. But I did do some sketches and I now can edit them on my shitty mac thats literually going to fall apart any minute now.

Heres a quick preview of a zombie character that 'DJ Rubber Glove' is fighting against, THE methaDRONE. Before a innocent raver or by-passer raving, through selfish self-conflicted greed in drug consuming, the human becomes a methadrone. Of which DJ RG cannot stand.

Im going through other designs. I want these zombies to look a lot more darker.

There should be regular updates now as I am temporarily living next to a Weatherspoons with free internet. Hope your all doing well and enjoying the sunshine!


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