Tuesday, 7 September 2010

JAZZ CAFE FLYER + Vardoo & the Boss cover coming SOON!

Whilst I have been busy with working as an estate agent during the day I haven't been having the same amount of time drawing, spraying and designing. Needless to say, The famous JAZZ CAFE located in Camden (outside Northen Line station)Has a new night called 'THE FRAT HOUSE' and I was asked to come up with the following...
So Londoners keep an eye out for this flyer!! Should be a BIG night!! Which I am very happy to help whilst being involved with my design work.

Also last month I watched Vardoo & the Boss play for the first time, a band based in Essex.I have been working for a bit now on there EP cover and cannot wait to finally finish. Their a very talented combination of musicians, that have a distinctive groove in the songs they have created. And I thoroughly enjoyed seeing them live.
(check out www.myspace.com/vardooandtheboss)

Hope everyone is doing fucking wicked and yeah, PEACE


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