Monday, 22 November 2010

Stop and Go!

Its been awhile without internet and the cold days are kicking in!!

Past two months I have moved location from North london to south of the river. Havent had no time to continue my work, neither have I had the time to do anything to be quite frank. I have just been dull and boring attending my Full-time job at the moment and trying to make a bit of dollar to live.

Here is a first glance at the cover of a CD by 'Vardo & The Boss' Which has around 5/6 tracks on and will be coming out in the next few weeks. The designs are going through the finalised stages and alterations are being done through the criticsm given back by the band. The backside of the cover will be online this week too.

I have been hopeless in meeting targets and deadlines this year and need to drastically improve to keep clients interested in my work. I do again apologise to these individuals who may be reading this.

I have set myself some goals and I am intending in re-doing this website as it looks shit.

Will be keeping posted more regulary,


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  1. its about time you put something new on your blog its getting a bit boring although the work on it is good but dont rest on your laurels !